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We, as “GÜRSAN Aluminium Ltd. Co.” One of the leading Manufacturing Companies regarding All Aluminum Items in Turkey & the Region, Our Items would start from a Various Professional Handrail & Balustrade Systems (alurail ), and does not end with Door Handles (alugriff ), Chairs & Tables (aluseat ), Solar Systems Carriers and any Special Made items for our precious customers.
Railings Door Hardware Solar PV mount by Gursan


GÜRSAN Aluminium: Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years In the heart of Istanbul, GÜRSAN Aluminium emerged in 1979, evolving into a family-owned legacy of innovation. From electricity pipes to a diverse range of premium aluminum products, our journey epitomizes adaptability and resilience. Specializing in door handles, balustrades, furniture, and solar mounting systems, GÜRSAN thrives on quality and customer satisfaction. With a 7,500 m² cutting-edge facility, a skilled team, and a 40-year expertise, we're the premier choice for high-quality aluminum solutions, transcending borders with a commitment to excellence. Join us in embracing the legacy that defines GÜRSAN Aluminium.