Jagram-Pro, Poland

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Jagram-Pro SA: Crafting Wooden Solutions with Excellence Since 1987 With a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship, Jagram-Pro SA specializes in bent-glued elements, bespoke structures, and wooden roofs. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products from premium materials has earned us a respected reputation in the industry. From personalized designs to impeccable execution, we offer limitless possibilities for every project. As a dynamic partner for innovative ventures, we build long-term relationships based on trust, reliability, and punctuality. Embrace sustainability with us, using our patented TCLwood618® technology and eco-friendly materials from certified suppliers. Join us in shaping a greener, more beautiful tomorrow.
Bent glued wood elements by Jagram-Pro


Jagram-Pro SA: Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation in Wooden Solutions At Jagram-Pro SA, excellence in wooden solutions is our hallmark since 1987. We offer bespoke structures, ready-made terrace roofs, carports, and wooden roofs crafted with cutting-edge technology and top-tier materials. Our flexibility and diverse product range cater to unique styles and requirements, making every project a masterpiece of craftsmanship. With a legacy of trust, reliability, and unmatched quality, we stand as a dynamic partner for innovative projects. Choose Jagram-Pro SA for limitless possibilities and impeccable execution, blending aesthetics with durability for architectural masterpieces that endure the test of time.