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Kamaridis GlobalWire Group was founded in 1976 as a trading company and today is one of the major industrial groups producing steel products, manufacturer of Roll-Formed Steel Sheets, Insulated and Architectural Polyurethane and Rockwool Panels, Special Z, C and U purlins, Tubes, Hollow sections and the leading producer of Black and Galvanized Wires, Construction Nails and Wire Mesh, holding a leading position both in Greece and in wider Southeastern Europe through its presence in Greece and Bulgaria.
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Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is a renowned Greek steel industry and a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel products. With over 40 years of experience, they provide exceptional quality and world-class service, including Roll-Formed Steel Sheets, Prefabricated Insulated and Architectural Polyurethane Panels, and Black & Galvanized Wire, Nails, and Wire Mesh. Their extensive product range caters to a wide array of customer needs, including Polyurethane Panels, Wire Products, Steel Products, Roll Formed Metal Sheets, Purlins, and Concrete Reinforcing Steel. Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is committed to environmental sustainability and "green" growth policies, promoting a better future for the planet. Contact them today for a quote or explore their website to discover more about their products and services.