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KDLN is a company with a strong identity and a cosmopolitan style, innovative and sophisticated. A company that speaks a universal yet extremely recognisable language. Its unconventional spirit has always merged the subtle poetry of shape to maximum functionality and handiness, moulding the finest materials through cutting-edge processes. Every KDLN product is the fruit of a strong concept and tells the story of a specific creative and technological journey. All are consistent with the corporate philosophy that has always combined an unconventional approach and the search for new aesthetics with a deep knowledge of materials and technologies. KDLN lamps are characterised by a sense of colour and geometry that is always fresh and with high creative content, drawing inspiration from time to time from different worlds. Nature, industrial scenarios, the visual arts are just a few of the contexts observed and reinterpreted to create lamps where shape and function are intertwined and complement each other to become inseparable elements, a synthesis that is always perfectly balanced between function and emotion. The rich and varied collection of KDLN lamps, always in the making, is the fruit of the collaborative effort of designers and architects of international renown, but also emerging talents who share and enhance the company’s mission.
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Since 1996, KDLN has spearheaded innovative indoor lighting near Milan, blending high-quality materials with cosmopolitan flair. Collaborations with renowned architects and designers have led to daring and visionary collections, exploring spatial and emotional dimensions. Drawing from diverse sources, their uniquely crafted lamps merge natural, post-industrial, and historical elements, showcasing elegance and exceptional designs fit for any setting. Explore their exclusive offers online to bring captivating ambiance into your home.