Metecno Germany

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More than five decades ago, Metecno-group established a new way of building with the automated and continuous production of insulated wall and roof panels with external steel sheets. The big success of these panels led to a quickly increasing demand and a fast expansion inside but also outside of Europe. In 1998, the German subsidiary, originally part of a joint-venture with DLW AG in Bietigheim-Bissingen was fully integrated into the Metecno Group.
Insulated Sandwich Wall and Roofing Systems by Metecno


Metecno: Innovating Building Solutions Metecno, a leader in advanced building solutions, offers the MetecnoPanel®, featuring PIR core for exceptional thermal insulation and fire-retardant properties. Endorsed by FM Approval, this eco-friendly panel reduces costs and allows early occupation. Metecno's range includes roofing and wall panels, redefining energy-efficient solutions, showcasing a steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation.