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MicroShade A/S is a Danish technology and knowledge-based company that develops and markets advanced, transparent solar shading solutions for new and refurbished buildings. The company produces and sells unique, proprietary films to glazing manufacturers, who assemble them into standard glazing units and supply these to the building industry. MicroShade® is a breakthrough in solar shading that is integrated into facade glazing. The new green technology solves the challenges of solar shading with a low-carbon footprint, while ensuring people’s well-being and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Sun Protection by Microshade


"MicroShade® is a revolutionary solar shading solution that redefines sustainable buildings. This Danish cleantech innovation offers optimal solar protection while preserving daylight and outside views, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs for building owners. Its passive, micro-structured film provides up to 100% beam shading during summers and approximately 35% solar transmittance in winters, enhancing energy efficiency. MicroShade® seamlessly integrates with modern glazing configurations, fosters better indoor climates, and streamlines installation, setting a new standard for solar shading solutions in construction. This groundbreaking technology propelled by a vision for sustainability promises a greener, more sustainable future for the construction industry."