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For over 70 years PRIX has been the specialist for the production of highly stable roller shutter and external venetian blind boxes. We are pioneers of industrially manufactured roller shutter boxes and are now setting new standards for the construction industry with the ÖKO LINE, our roller shutter box made entirely of modern wood materials. Our roller shutter, external venetian blind and prefabricated boxes are all "Made in Germany". As an owner-managed company, we attach great importance to projects at eye level and fair cooperation.
industrially manufactured roller shutter boxes by Prix


PRIX roller shutter boxes offer versatile and high-quality solutions perfectly tailored to diverse construction needs. These boxes provide excellent heat and sound insulation, long-term protection, and ample rolling space, ensuring structural integrity and ease of maintenance. PRIX's over 70 years of excellence emphasize their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and flexible solutions for construction projects. With PRIX roller shutter boxes, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your building, with options specially designed for timber constructions and various architectural requirements. Choose PRIX for excellence, versatility, and innovation in roller shutter and venetian blind box manufacturing.