Qorox, New Zealand

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QOROX: Pioneering New Zealand's Construction Future. Leading the way with 3D printed concrete technology, QOROX redefines efficiency and sustainability. Our revolutionary systems, designed for local conditions, set new standards in speed, value, and durability. Join us in transforming the construction landscape with innovative, adaptable, and eco-friendly solutions.
Qorox concrete printing


QOROX: Shaping the Future of Construction in New Zealand. Revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge 3D printed concrete technology, we deliver faster, more efficient, and sustainable building solutions. Our BRANZ appraised systems redefine building standards, offering fire, seismic, and flood-resistant structures that outperform traditional methods. Experience the QOROX difference – a leap into the future of construction excellence, where innovation meets durability and environmental responsibility. Join us in transforming New Zealand's skyline with pioneering Construction 4.0 advancements