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ROMA is the leading brand for sun protection systems with the highest standards of functionality, aesthetics and longevity. As a medium-sized company, our most important insight in more than 40 years of company history is: Living begins outside the window.
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In the heart of Bavarian-Swabia in the town of Burgau, ROMA harnesses abundant sunshine to perfect high-quality sun protection systems. With over four decades of experience, ROMA stands as the leading brand for sun-screening systems, setting the industry benchmark for functionality, aesthetics, and durability. ROMA roller shutters redefine protection, comfort, and coziness, offering dynamic design elements and remarkable energy-saving potential. External Venetian Blinds expertly manage daylight and shade, while ROMA garage doors redefines space and security with automatic, premium-grade aluminum designs. Unlock a world of sunlight management, privacy, and security with ROMA's premium solutions