Skylux Belgium

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Skylux, a Belgian family business in its third generation, is specialised in bringing natural daylight indoors through sloping and flat roofs and offering outdoor living solutions.
We design, manufacture and distribute flat roof windows, sloping roof windows and veranda systems that are known for their quality, style and durability.
flat roof windows, sloping roof windows and veranda systems by Skylux


"Experience the Magic of Daylight with Skylux Flat Roof Windows" Welcome the sun's warmth into your home with Skylux's flat roof windows. Designed for maximum daylight and superior insulation, these windows feature double or triple glazing for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The iWindow flat roof window embodies modern elegance with a compact PVC frame and sophisticated design. Skylux offers an extensive selection of over 180 standard dimensions and 10,000 combinations to help you find your perfect skylight. Their range includes plastic domes in various materials and designs, catering to diverse preferences. For enhanced insulation, consider multi-shell light domes for your living space. Skylux also introduces an innovative roof window with built-in insect protection for a hassle-free, dirt-free installation, promising harmony between innovation, comfort, and functionality. Illuminate your home with the magic of daylight and modern elegance through Skylux flat roof windows.