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Wave Murano Glass, founded in 2017 by glass aficionado Roberto Beltrami, thrives on Murano Island's artistic legacy. With a team of 10 skilled artisans, we blend tradition with innovation. Our collaborations span elite furniture and lighting brands, establishing us as pioneers in bespoke glass artistry. Guided by Roberto's scientific background, we merge age-old practices with modern solutions, securing our place as torchbearers of Murano's glass heritage. Our certified, eco-conscious facility boasts 1850-era furnaces and cutting-edge technology, underscoring our commitment to tradition, innovation, and sustainability.
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Wave Murano Glass: Artistry and Innovation in Glass Craftsmanship Steeped in the rich heritage of Murano's glass artistry, Wave Murano Glass emerged in 2017 under the visionary leadership of Roberto Beltrami. Nestled on the island of Murano, our team of 10 seasoned glass artisans infuses centuries-old tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Collaborations with renowned furniture and lighting brands have solidified our status as artistic trailblazers. With Roberto's scientific expertise as the driving force, we combine tradition and technology to craft bespoke masterpieces. Housed in a historic 1850 furnace, our commitment to sustainable innovation sets us apart. Certified for authentic Murano® glass production, we bridge heritage and modernity.