Wieland Electric, Germany

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WIELAND ELECTRIC – the visionary pioneers of electrical solutions. Originators of the groundbreaking Wieland Clamp, we've redefined safety and innovation since 1925. Our comprehensive range of pluggable electronic and electrical components and solutions epitomizes ease, safety, and flexibility. With a focus on service, our experts deliver tailored solutions, powering efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Embrace the future with WIELAND ELECTRIC, your trusted partner in building a brighter, safer, and smarter world.
Pluggable instalation techhnology by Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric

Discover a world of electrical innovation with WIELAND ELECTRIC – the visionary originators of the iconic Wieland Clamp. Since 1925, we've set industry standards for safety and now offer a diverse range of cutting-edge electrical and electronic solutions. With a steadfast focus on service, our experts provide comprehensive support and tailored solutions for any challenge. From iconic locations to modern smart buildings, our technology empowers efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Join us in shaping the future of electrical solutions for a brighter, smarter world.