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Embracing Nature: The Rise of Wood Buildings

Foreword by Ian Thompson, Editor

This is maybe why wood will replace concrete and steel as the most common construction material over the next decade.

Embracing Nature: The Rise of Wood Buildings – Sustainable Design Insights

Video Transcript

Welcome to the forefront of change, where space and time are at a premium. To sustainably meet the demand of growing populations, we turn to wood – the material we’ve built with for generations that’s rooted in nature. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to use our time-tested profession to bring balance to the way we build, work, and even the way we live. Balance that can fuse functionality with cost, and reduce a building’s impact on the environment and the people around it.

Timber is engineered into building materials capable of almost anything, giving you the ability to create structures and styles with infinite combinations. Wood brings style to substance. It’s the bones of the building and it can be what you see – a visual statement where the difference is the details. Texture and grain contribute to a natural look from a natural resource that draws people in with an intangible force.

Wood can also have biophilic benefits that improve health and well-being, from reduced stress to improved productivity. Wood harnesses the power of the sun, stores carbon, and avoids greenhouse gas emissions. And just in case you were wondering, we aren’t running out of trees. Forests and woodlands comprise roughly one third of the US and have remained stable even after decades of urban expansion.

It’s this sustainable growth that allows us to be innovative. Products like mass timber bring wood buildings to new heights, and building codes recognize the inherent properties of wood. Wood design can stand up to fire, seismic events, and high wind, allowing for endless possibilities. The science is simple – wood structures are safe. They consistently deliver and exceed code requirements, and lead to cost-effective projects with efficient timelines.

And as we build more and grow closer together, we need to work together to adapt and to build for our future, rooted in nature.

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