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Sustainable Design: Refers to the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability

sustainable systems for green roofs, living walls and groundcover. by Sempergreen


Sempergreen offers a wide range of high-quality green roof, wall, and ground cover solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and expertise in the field, their products enhance the environment, regulate temperature, and create visually stunning spaces. From vegetation mats to pre-grown sedum ctes, Sempergreen's products are designed to thrive in various climates and provide numerous benefits. Experience the beauty and benefits of their innovative solutions and bring nature back to urban environments.
Lighting by Ecolux

Ecolux Lighting

Ecolux Lighting, where brilliance, innovation, and timeless design converge to illuminate your spaces and captivate your senses. With a prestigious legacy and unparalleled expertise in glass components, ECOLUX is a beacon of experience and global resilience, leading the way in the lighting industry. Our cutting-edge techniques and premium materials create unparalleled light and color solutions that stand the test of time. Join us on a luminous journey towards a brighter future, where innovation meets environment and aesthetics, transforming spaces into timeless masterpieces. Discover the art of lighting with ECOLUX and let your world shine with brilliance.
Cross Laminated Timber, Glue Laminated Timber and Laminated Veneer Lumber by Stora Enso

Stora Enso

Elevate your construction game with Stora Enso, the vanguard of sustainable urban innovation. Their pioneering mass timber solutions redefine architecture, enabling robust, lightweight structures with unparalleled design flexibility. Benefit from quicker, safer construction, improved insulation, and lower carbon footprint. Embrace Stora Enso's range, including CLT, LVL, and GLT, and introduce "Sylva" for low-carbon buildings. Together, let's build a future where innovation and sustainability soar to new heights.
Clay decorative surfaces with Canluto

Conluto Clay

Conluto, where we build a sustainable future with the incredible potential of clay as a building material. Our versatile conluto variety empowers you to bring creative living ideas to life while creating a healthy and comfortable environment. Building with clay is a statement of commitment to sustainability, with a remarkable 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to cement systems. Embrace genuine sustainability with Conluto, where clay becomes the building block of a brighter, greener tomorrow.
Thermal Insulation by Insulbar


Insulbar, where eco-innovation meets energy efficiency. As pioneers in thermal insulating profiles for windows, doors, and facades, we lead the charge towards sustainability. With insulbar RE-LI, our revolutionary product line, we combine recycled polyamide with foamed material for unparalleled eco-consciousness. Join us on our global mission to shape a greener future, one thermal break at a time. Embrace sustainability, choose Insulbar, and be part of the green profile pioneer revolutionizing the construction industry. Together, we create a sustainable tomorrow.
Storwater Rainwater Grease Septic Pump Channel Drainage Water Management Solution by Graf

GRAF Plastics

GRAF Australia offers sustainable solutions that not only capture and preserve water but also actively treat it from contaminants, creating a never-ending cycle of reuse and regeneration. Combining German engineering legacy with Aussie innovation, we deliver solutions for storm and flooding events, drought and water scarcity, wastewater treatment, and more. With a focus on avoiding environmental pollution and a 60-year experience in water management, GRAF ensures pure, clean water for a better future.
Sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower, swimming pool, tepidarium, frigidarium, relaxation area Effebigi Wellness


Effe, where we elevate your wellness experience with luxury spa solutions. With over 30 years of expertise, we craft exquisite saunas and hammams, creating complete wellness centers with meticulous attention to detail. Our cutting-edge steam generators ensure unrivaled steam quality, while our focus on water as the essence of well-being enriches your relaxation journey. Whether you seek a private sanctuary or an opulent public oasis, Effe is your trusted partner in creating unforgettable wellness spaces. Welcome to a world of pure bliss, where luxury meets well-being. Welcome to Effe.