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Meet Design Alchemy: Elevating the Design Industry with Expert Advice and Mentorship

Welcome Anna, Amanda, and Donna: Our Newest Guest Authors Discussing All Things Professional Interior Design

The Build Review is excited to welcome three new guest authors, all professional interior design experts, to our team. Anna Cuthbert, Amanda Neill, and Donna White, collectively known as Design Alchemy, are more than just interior designers. They are award-winning industry leaders in professional interior design, educators, and advocates for professionalism in New Zealand’s interior design industry.

Endorsed by the Designers’ Institute of NZ (DINZ), these professional interior design mavens have proven their expertise and commitment to the craft time and again. Besides running their own successful professional interior design practices, they also collaborate on larger projects under the Design Alchemy banner. Their professional interior design collaboration extends to hosting architectural and design tours, designing product ranges, and delivering insightful webinars on various design aspects.

Anna Cuthbert is a residential interior designer and professional interior design expert trained at the esteemed KLC School of Design, London, The Principal of Cuthbert Interiors, Anna, has grown her family’s design practice into one of Auckland’s leading Interior Studios. Her commitment to mentoring the next generation of professional interior design experts makes her a key figure in the industry.

Amanda Neill, another member of Design Alchemy, is a professional interior design expert with a passion for colour and an extensive design background in London, Australia, and New Zealand. As an award-winning designer, Amanda’s professional interior design accomplishments include running interior design workshops, presenting at NZ Homeshows, featuring in a renovation TV series, and earning international recognition for her residential designs.

Last but by no means least is Donna White, an award-winning interior designer with a distinct professional interior design philosophy of ‘classic design with a twist’. Trained at the prestigious Inchbald School of Architectural Interior Design in London, Donna has built a reputation in professional interior design for turning clients’ dreams into reality. Her talent has been recognized by the Dulux colour awards, the Designers’ Institute of NZ Best Design Award, and the NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year awards, among others.

Design Alchemy’s collective ethos in professional interior design is rooted in the belief that good design enhances lifestyle and sustainability. Their professional interior design collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of their craft. With numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Design Alchemy’s professional interior design experts are set to redefine the industry.

As new guest authors for The Build Review, these professional interior design experts will share their unique perspectives on interior design trends, tips, and tricks. Their expertise, combined with a strong commitment to professionalism and sustainability, ensures that our readers not only receive top-tier professional interior design advice but also gain insight into the workings of the interior design industry. Their first article as part of our new ‘How-To’ series will be available soon.

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