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Ceilings: Discusses the design and construction of ceilings, including materials and finishes

Passive house constructions elements by Isorast


Isorast GmbH is dedicated to energy-conscious construction solutions, specializing in walls, ceilings, stairs, and roofs for residential buildings. Their focus on sustainable and eco-friendly construction includes a comprehensive lineup of building materials tailored for passive house construction. Isorast's commitment to quality, environmental consciousness, and cutting-edge technology positions them as pioneers in the industry.
façade claddings, suspended ceilings, canopies, and many more from aluminum, stainless steel, corten steel, or any metal by Kasso


"KASSO Engineering: Your Trusted Partner in Metalworking Excellence" Established in 1975, KASSO Engineering is a leading engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in metalworking. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our collaboration with TEKŞAN in 1986 propelled us into expanded mesh metal sheet production, marking the beginning of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Istanbul, we offer a comprehensive range of metalworking solutions, including architectural metal cladding, interior applications, and safety and security products. With over four decades of experience and a dedication to cutting-edge technology, KASSO Engineering stands as a symbol of excellence and innovation, redefining the possibilities of design and function in the metalworking industry. Welcome to a world where excellence is guaranteed.
Inulsatino by Fibran


FIBRAN is renowned for its high-quality insulation products, including stonewool, extruded polystyrene, and expanded polystyrene, providing thermal and sound insulation, and fire protection. In addition to insulation products, the company also produces gypsum-based products for dry construction, catering to a broad range of construction and insulation applications. FIBRAN's commitment to research and development aims to provide innovative and certified insulation and construction systems while collaborating with academic institutions to elevate industry standards. With factories across six European countries, FIBRAN continues to meet the evolving needs of construction professionals and consumers alike.
Recycling aluminum for a better future Baux


Discover Grupo Baux's commitment to sustainability and aluminum production. With over 350 employees, their circular economy process includes constant aluminum recycling. They are known for top-quality products, manufactured with a low CO2 footprint and quick global service. Joined with Jupiter Aluminum Corporation in 2018, they offer innovation, 24/7 production, and a strong capacity for accommodating special orders.
Aluminum sandwich panels for construction by Metawell


Metawell GmbH offers innovative lightweight aluminum panels known for their exceptional rigidity and lightness, making them ideal for various applications. The panels provide high corrosion protection, excellent thermal conductivity, and 100% recyclability without material separation. The Aluflex variant allows for simple two-dimensional shaping, offering endless design possibilities for architectural and industrial uses.
Metal Ceilings and Facades by Atena


At Atena, we offer innovative architectural solutions, including dry construction systems, metal ceilings, metal facades, and ship fittings, catering to diverse construction needs. With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, our products are designed to exceed industry standards and expectations. Utilizing sustainable materials and production techniques, we aim to minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Whether it's standard solutions or custom-made products, Atena is dedicated to providing advanced architectural solutions for all construction projects.
Ceilings Acoustic Thermal Light Control by Vogl


Welcome to Vogl Deckensysteme, your premier destination for top-quality plasterboard ceiling systems. Our diverse selection includes acoustic design ceilings for optimal sound absorption, acoustic plaster ceilings for unique designs with superior acoustics, and versatile design ceilings offering limitless possibilities. Experience efficient lighting solutions with our light control ceilings, and achieve climate control with our heating and cooling ceilings for a comfortable and sustainable environment. Vogl Deckensysteme goes beyond products, providing installation training, tender specifications, drawings, and expert project consultation. Trust us for excellence in innovation, functionality, and design for your ceiling solutions.
Dry systems for panel heating and soundproofing by Wolf Bavaria

Wolf Bavaria

Discover modern dry system solutions with Wolf Bavaria GmbH. Our innovative modular system transforms floors, walls, and ceilings with ease. From sound insulation panels to underfloor heating, our solutions suit various construction needs. With a CE-certified quality, our flexible and reliable dry system ensures efficient and durable results. Whether new builds, renovations, or timber construction, trust us to elevate your projects. Contact us today for successful, hassle-free construction with Wolf Bavaria GmbH's dry system solutions.
Wood ceiling and floor elements by Lignatur

Lignatur AG

Lignatur AG welcomes you to the forefront of wooden innovation in Switzerland. Discover cutting-edge wooden floor and roof elements crafted with precision and expertise. Led by visionary minds, our dedicated team of timber construction engineers provides unwavering support for your projects from start to finish. Embrace the revolutionary LIGNATUR surface elements that redefine possibilities, offering aesthetics, robustness, sound insulation, and fire protection in one seamless design. Let us tailor bespoke solutions to your unique needs, and together, we'll build exceptional spaces that inspire for generations to come. Experience ONE IDEA, ONE SYSTEM, ONE TEAM with Lignatur AG.