Wolf Bavaria

Dry systems for panel heating and soundproofing by Wolf Bavaria
soundproofing, panel heating and Dry screed for soundproofing and load-bearing decoupling strips

Soundproofing by Wolf Bavaria

Engineered wood walling and floor junction - soundproof


Editor's Review

In April 2023, at the BAU Expo in Munich, I had the opportunity to meet the owner of Wolf Bavaria. Wolf is a highly innovative company that specializes in inventing and manufacturing fascinating water heating and soundproof panels for both residential and commercial buildings. Their underfloor heating system panels impressed me as they can be easily retrofitted on almost any subfloor, offering a simple and flexible solution. It was one of my favorite products at BAU.

The soundproof panels by Wolf were equally impressive. During a demonstration, Mr. Wolf’s team showcased their soundproof wall panel performance by demonstrating a loud siren being played inside a box made with the same material. When they switched on the siren I couldn’t hear it at all. In fact I didn’t even notice them turning on the siren and only realised the loud siren was on when they took the lid off. It’s truly a remarkable product, and I’m definitely considering using it for my own projects.


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