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Exterior-Cladding: Refers to the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements

Sheet Metal Roofing and Facades by Domico


DOMICO, a pioneer since 1978, is dedicated to architectural creativity and technical finesse in metal construction. Their personalized roof, hall, and facade systems, along with their exclusive delivery to construction sites, showcase precision and reliability. These penetration-free, custom metal roofs provide architectural enhancement and economic practicality, offering bespoke solutions for each project. With a commitment to intricate precision, DOMICO empowers architects and builders to realize their creative vision with unmatched reliability and innovation, as exemplified in their project gallery. Their team of technical consultants ensures tailored solutions and comprehensive assembly guidance, reflecting their dedication to elevating architecture through precision metal roof systems.
Metal Mesh for interior and exterior design


Codina Architectural, a division of Codina, is a premier manufacturer of metal meshes for architectural and interior design applications, offering innovative solutions crafted from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Their flawlessly installed meshes, designed for facades, cladding, ceilings, and more, exhibit precision and excellence. These versatile and aesthetically pleasing meshes adorn public and private buildings, urban environments, and various other architectural settings, showcasing adaptability and quality. With a commitment to transparency and client satisfaction, Codina Architectural provides a comprehensive catalog for easy access to their diverse product range, reflecting their dedication to excellence and functionality in modern architecture.
Reinforced Concrete Products by Fiberton


Fiberton specializes in high-quality precast concrete products, including UHPC, GFRC, and GPIO, renowned for their strength and durability. These advanced products are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as industrial buildings, bridges, and highways. In addition to specialized products like structural movements, bricks, and blocks, Fiberton's precast concrete offerings can be customized to meet project-specific requirements, offering efficiency and reliability in construction projects.
highly efficient, sustainable, non-combustible and innovative architectural wall and roof façade systems by Trimo


Trimo is a leading provider of architectural wall and roof systems. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, we offer a range of innovative solutions for facades, roofs, and modular spaces. Our high-performance products meet diverse needs and ensure attractive, functional, and safe buildings. Join us in creating exceptional building envelope solutions.
surface finishes on stainless steel and other metals Rimex


Rimex Metals Group, a global leader in metal surface technology since 1959, prioritizes customer satisfaction and relentless innovation. With plants across the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, and South Africa, their integrated approach ensures superior production expertise, material management, and quality control. Their diverse portfolio includes patterned and textured cold rolled finishes, colored stainless steel, vibration polishes, bead blast finishes, and etched finishes, catering to various industries such as architecture, machinery, and more. Rimex Metals Group specializes in stainless steel sheets, offering a wide range of surfaces including Pattern Rolled, ColourTex, T22, Granex, VorTex, SuperMirror, MetalArt, and RigiTube finishes. Their commitment to exceptional design and quality is reflected in their enduring partnerships and resilience in outdoor applications. For stainless steel elevator design, Rimex's surfaces offer durability and elegance, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. With over seven decades of expertise, Rimex Metals Group stands as the trusted partner for elevating metal finishes to perfection, enhancing architectural and design projects with their innovative and resilient finishes.
Aluminum sandwich panels for construction by Metawell


Metawell GmbH offers innovative lightweight aluminum panels known for their exceptional rigidity and lightness, making them ideal for various applications. The panels provide high corrosion protection, excellent thermal conductivity, and 100% recyclability without material separation. The Aluflex variant allows for simple two-dimensional shaping, offering endless design possibilities for architectural and industrial uses.
Anodized Aluminum Products by Aloxide


ALOXIDE: Setting the Anodizing Standard With a legacy spanning five decades, COIL stands as the global leader in anodizing aluminum flat rolled products. Our Belgian and German facilities boast unmatched capacity, producing anodized aluminum up to 2000mm wide and 5mm thick. COIL's commitment to excellence is evident through competitive pricing, versatile applications, fire resistance, and eco-friendly practices. Our anodized aluminum, with a genuine metallic finish, is graffiti-proof and ensures lasting durability. Join us at COIL, where innovation meets sustainability, and ALOXIDE transforms aluminum into architectural brilliance.
Quality Timber products by Elka


Elka Holzwerke is your go-to destination for high-quality, sustainable wood products, including premium hardwood flooring, durable decking, and versatile cladding. They prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction, offering products sourced from responsibly managed forests and comprehensive support for installation. Elevate your living or working spaces with Elka Holzwerke's elegant and durable wood products.
Fiberglass Products by Magniplast


Magniplast is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass laminates for walls, facades, and roofing in Europe. Founded in 1967 by Carlo Magni, the company's focus on continuous production technology has resulted in a diverse range of products that are renowned for quality and versatility. Magniplast is known for its trademark filon, a translucent laminate that has adorned over a billion square meters worldwide, and its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has led to its status as a highly respected brand in the industry. Their products offer exceptional coverage, efficient light transmission, and long-term resistance to extreme weather. Magniplast's broad lineup of GRP products includes self-supporting curved sheets, corrugated sheets, and colored opaque covers, allowing architects and designers to choose the right solution for their unique requirements. The company's laminates are certified for contact with food, making them suitable for various applications, and they offer high resistance to mechanical, chemical, and corrosive conditions.
TECU Copper products for Architecture by KME


Elevate your architectural designs with KME's copper division. TECU® transcends materials, offering a partnership in craftsmanship and innovation. Imagine the timeless allure of copper evolving gracefully over rooftops and façades, breathing life into structures. TECU® is a canvas of limitless possibilities, maturing with time. Our unwavering commitment to quality extends to comprehensive support, ensuring your visions surpass expectations. Explore our gallery showcasing TECU® in diverse projects, from skyscrapers to rural retreats. TECU® is more than elements; it's an artful testament to enduring creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the architectural landscape.