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Health: Covers the impact of building practices and materials on human health

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Effe, where we elevate your wellness experience with luxury spa solutions. With over 30 years of expertise, we craft exquisite saunas and hammams, creating complete wellness centers with meticulous attention to detail. Our cutting-edge steam generators ensure unrivaled steam quality, while our focus on water as the essence of well-being enriches your relaxation journey. Whether you seek a private sanctuary or an opulent public oasis, Effe is your trusted partner in creating unforgettable wellness spaces. Welcome to a world of pure bliss, where luxury meets well-being. Welcome to Effe.
Pink Timber Treatment New Zealand

Treating Timber’s Harsh Realities

Poorly designed and badly built homes in New Zealand caused more than a stir in New Zealand's building industry from the mid 90's  leading to some ill-thought-out policies being introduced that overcompensated for our shortcomings and lead to more problems then it solved.