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Lighting Design: Refers to the design and arrangement of lights to achieve optimal visibility and aesthetics

Decorative lighting brand kdln


Since 1996, KDLN has spearheaded innovative indoor lighting near Milan, blending high-quality materials with cosmopolitan flair. Collaborations with renowned architects and designers have led to daring and visionary collections, exploring spatial and emotional dimensions. Drawing from diverse sources, their uniquely crafted lamps merge natural, post-industrial, and historical elements, showcasing elegance and exceptional designs fit for any setting. Explore their exclusive offers online to bring captivating ambiance into your home.
Lighting sculpture | Intersection of art, luxury and design by Terzani


Established in Florence in 1972, Terzani is a pioneer in luxury lighting design, known for pushing boundaries through innovative production techniques. Their creations are more than fixtures; they are fusion of art, luxury, and design meticulously handcrafted to celebrate traditional techniques and minute details. Collaborations with renowned designers yield original and unparalleled fixtures that redefine space through light. Terzani's collection spans pendant, ceiling, table, and wall lamps, each a symbol of sophistication and originality, blending tradition with a quest for new forms.
Contemporary Crystal Lighting by Windfall

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

Windfall GmbH, based in Munich, leads the luxury lighting industry with innovative crystal chandeliers like the SCARLETT, featuring a crystal cascade encased by an Organza cylinder shade, and the HELLBOB series, known for its unique 'Windfall curler' technique. Their designs, featuring floating crystal objects and cascading lights, set a new standard in luxurious lighting, earning commissions for prestigious projects worldwide and praise from esteemed architects and interior designers.
Premium LED lighting designers and manufacturers based in Italy Flexalighting


Flexalighting presents a revolutionary range of LED devices known for exceptional optical performance and compact size. The meticulous attention to mechanical design and optical performance guarantees outstanding product quality, ensuring top-tier optical performance in devices with remarkably small dimensions. In addition to indoor lighting solutions, Flexalighting offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor fixtures suitable for various spaces, designed to enhance aesthetics and showcase architecture and landscapes in the best light possible.
Lighting by Ecolux

Ecolux Lighting

Ecolux Lighting, where brilliance, innovation, and timeless design converge to illuminate your spaces and captivate your senses. With a prestigious legacy and unparalleled expertise in glass components, ECOLUX is a beacon of experience and global resilience, leading the way in the lighting industry. Our cutting-edge techniques and premium materials create unparalleled light and color solutions that stand the test of time. Join us on a luminous journey towards a brighter future, where innovation meets environment and aesthetics, transforming spaces into timeless masterpieces. Discover the art of lighting with ECOLUX and let your world shine with brilliance.
Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce, where exceptional furnishing accessories and bespoke interior solutions await you. With a vast range of luxurious upholstery, stunning lighting, customizable crystal decorations, elegant carpets, and tailor-made balustrades, we cater to discerning individuals, businesses, and designers alike. Our unwavering commitment to high quality and artisan customization, combined with over thirty years of experience collaborating with luxury multinationals, ensures we interpret and fulfill your every requirement. Let us transform your spaces into personalized works of art, where elegance and refinement meet functionality and beauty. Step into a world where design dreams come alive - CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce awaits you.