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Off-Site Manufacturing: The process of planning, designing, fabricating, and assembling building elements at a location other than their final installed location

Factory Framing Passive House Walls – Build Original Series Episode 1

Factory Framing Passive House Walls – “Build Original Series” Episode 1

This Original Series is Sponsored by - and Nathan Kischel's Building Company - Join us as we tune into Episode 1 of our FIRST Build Original Series - “High Performance Canada” with host - Nathan visits job sites around British Columbia to learn how other builders and architects are addressing high performance construction, and the BC Energy Step Code. There are so many innovators across the country, and we hope to see them all detail by detail in this 5 Part Series! In this Episode, David Arnott from graciously opens his shop doors to show us around multi-step manufacturing process.
Timber Constructrion by Sohm HolzBau

Sohm HolzBautechnik

Discover the pinnacle of wooden craftsmanship at Sohm HolzBautechnik. Introducing Finger-jointed Sohm VollHolz (SVH), the epitome of quality wooden constructions sourced from regional materials. As EN 15497 certified "finger-jointed solid wood for load-bearing purposes," SVH offers unmatched strength, stability, and sustainability for walls, ceilings, and roofs. From concept to realization, we are your dedicated partner, ensuring stress-free construction, timeless beauty, and an eco-friendly approach. Elevate your space with Sohm HolzBautechnik – where nature, innovation, and architectural sophistication converge.
prefabricated house

I Didn’t Know A Prefabricated House Could Do This!

One of the benefits of a factory built home is that the insulated wall panels are assembled in a climate controlled facility. However, they still need to get assembled on site … and that’s when mother nature can take her revenge. My factory built house started getting raised on site at the beginning of January and the New England weather didn’t want to cooperate … which got me a little worried about water soaking the insulation inside the wall panels.
Offsite Manufacturing houses

Offsite Manufacture

MOD X features David Crawford, General Manager of CCG OSM, the offsite manufacturing arm of the CCG Group, a turn key construction provider in Scotland. David discusses their integrated approach to design, manufacture and build using a closed panel approach.