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Timber: Covers the use of timber in construction, from framing to finishes

advance timber engineering and construction by Blumer Lehmann

Blumer Lehmann

Blumer-Lehmann AG, based in Gossau, Switzerland, specializes in planning and implementing innovative timber constructions. Their expertise covers technical planning, production, assembly, and serving as general contractors. Through meticulous project development, including feasibility studies and cost calculations, they ensure the successful realization of architectural visions.
Sawn Timber products by FrenchTimber


FrenchTimber: Elevating French Wood Products Worldwide Established in 2001, FrenchTimber, supported by France Bois Forêt, champions the global use of premium French sawn timber and wood products. Sustainably sourced from diverse tree species, including oak, beech, and spruce, their high-quality offerings meet international standards. From sawn timber to glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber, FrenchTimber caters to construction, furniture, and interior design needs. Committed to environmental friendliness and stringent quality control, FrenchTimber is the trusted choice for those seeking excellence in timber and wood solutions worldwide.
Sawn timber wood products and house construction by Ziegler


Welcome to Zeigler Global, your go-to source for premium wood products in house construction. Our comprehensive range, from structural lumber to finishing materials, ensures your dream home becomes a reality. Sourced from sustainably managed forests, our wood undergoes rigorous quality control, offering strength and durability. Whether it's timber beams, flooring, or siding, Zeigler Global provides the perfect materials for every construction need. Our support extends from product selection to installation guidance, ensuring your construction journey is seamless. Build with confidence, build with Zeigler Global – where quality, expertise, and sustainability converge.
wood fiber insulation boards (flexible and pressure-resistant), as well as of all statically loaded wood products (such as glulam, glulam ceilings, wooden box elements, DUO/TRIO beams and KVH® solid structural timber) for the modern construction of timber houses and passive houses Best Wood Schneider

Best Wood Schneider

Best Wood SCHNEIDER, the pioneer in wood fiber insulation boards and timber products. Our commitment to quality and ecological practices is embodied in our production site nestled in picturesque south Germany. As a medium-sized family business, we take pride in crafting superior timber solutions, from glulam and KVH® solid structural timber to cross laminated timber (CLT). Experience the best in timber construction, where passion for wood and sustainable building come together for a greener future.
Bent glued wood elements by Jagram-Pro


Jagram-Pro SA: Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation in Wooden Solutions At Jagram-Pro SA, excellence in wooden solutions is our hallmark since 1987. We offer bespoke structures, ready-made terrace roofs, carports, and wooden roofs crafted with cutting-edge technology and top-tier materials. Our flexibility and diverse product range cater to unique styles and requirements, making every project a masterpiece of craftsmanship. With a legacy of trust, reliability, and unmatched quality, we stand as a dynamic partner for innovative projects. Choose Jagram-Pro SA for limitless possibilities and impeccable execution, blending aesthetics with durability for architectural masterpieces that endure the test of time.