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Turkey: Content related to the construction industry in Turkey, including local regulations, materials, and practices

Metal facades fences and ceilings for architectural by ANB Metal

ANB Metal

ANB Metal is a top manufacturer of high-quality metal sheet decor products designed to balance functionality and aesthetics. With an extensive range of customizable options, including decorative grids, diffusers, vents, and screens, ANB Metal's innovative and durable solutions offer multifaceted advantages. From home decor to commercial applications, their products provide the perfect blend of performance, sustainability, and visual appeal.
Chimney and Waste Management Chute Systems by Kapella


With over a decade of expertise, Kapella is the premier provider of automated garbage chute and chimney systems, trusted by 50,000 global customers. Our commitment to quality extends to collaborative efforts with renowned partners, delivering stable solutions for diverse industries. Beyond technology, we champion waste management and carbon reduction, initiating awareness projects with governments and municipalities. Kapella, a beacon of sustainability, ensures resource recovery and economic efficiency. Our skilled technical team offers tailored support worldwide, from design to installation. Opt for self-installation with expert supervision or rely on our maintenance services for uninterrupted operations. Choose Kapella for a greener, cleaner future—where experience, infrastructure, and commitment meet excellence.
Aluminum facades cladding doors and windows by Asas


ASAŞ: Pioneering Excellence in Turkey's Industrial Landscape Established in 1990, ASAŞ is a global industrial powerhouse, exporting to 90+ countries. With cutting-edge technology and five advanced facilities, we're a key player in Europe. Ranked 54th in Turkey's ISO 500, ASAŞ excels in aluminum extrusion, architectural systems (RESCARA), composite panels (NATURALBOND), flat products, PVC systems (ASAŞPEN), shutters (NATUROLL), and design products (ALUDES). Our R&D Center drives innovation, ensuring we lead in precision engineering and international quality standards. ASAŞ, where passion meets perfection, crafting a brighter future through technology and innovation.
Railings Door Hardware Solar PV mount by Gursan


GÜRSAN Aluminium: Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years In the heart of Istanbul, GÜRSAN Aluminium emerged in 1979, evolving into a family-owned legacy of innovation. From electricity pipes to a diverse range of premium aluminum products, our journey epitomizes adaptability and resilience. Specializing in door handles, balustrades, furniture, and solar mounting systems, GÜRSAN thrives on quality and customer satisfaction. With a 7,500 m² cutting-edge facility, a skilled team, and a 40-year expertise, we're the premier choice for high-quality aluminum solutions, transcending borders with a commitment to excellence. Join us in embracing the legacy that defines GÜRSAN Aluminium.
Aluminum Joinery for Facades Doors windows


Çuhadaroğlu Group: Revolutionizing Aluminum Systems for 65 Years Innovative Aluminum Solutions Çuhadaroğlu Metal San., part of Çuhadaroğlu Group, pioneers aluminum excellence for over six decades. Our brands—interal, interax, interwall, intersecure, and interdigi—introduce cutting-edge products. Explore interal's innovative door and window systems, interax's automatic door solutions, interwall's modern office partitions, and intersecure's security solutions. With unwavering quality and a communication-oriented approach, Çuhadaroğlu Group sets new benchmarks in aluminum systems, offering superior options for diverse architectural needs.
façade claddings, suspended ceilings, canopies, and many more from aluminum, stainless steel, corten steel, or any metal by Kasso


"KASSO Engineering: Your Trusted Partner in Metalworking Excellence" Established in 1975, KASSO Engineering is a leading engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in metalworking. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our collaboration with TEKŞAN in 1986 propelled us into expanded mesh metal sheet production, marking the beginning of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Istanbul, we offer a comprehensive range of metalworking solutions, including architectural metal cladding, interior applications, and safety and security products. With over four decades of experience and a dedication to cutting-edge technology, KASSO Engineering stands as a symbol of excellence and innovation, redefining the possibilities of design and function in the metalworking industry. Welcome to a world where excellence is guaranteed.
Steel Fiber Construction Kemerix


Elevate your construction projects with Kemerix's premium building materials, ensuring performance, durability, and reliability. Specializing in innovation, our range caters to diverse construction needs—airports, tunnels, industrial grounds, and more. Our steel fiber reinforcement enhances structural integrity, with products designed for earthquake resistance and security structures. Concrete release agents streamline processes, optimizing productivity. Rigorously tested and validated, our products meet the highest industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality and longevity. Choose Kemerix for transformative, top-tier materials that enhance your project outcomes.
PVC Wall Penel Door Panels and Glass Spacers by Soytas


Soytas Group, your go-to for cutting-edge construction solutions. Explore our brands—Panadur, PanaSpacer, PanaStone, and PanaPlan—offering high-quality products. Panadur presents PVC Sandwich Panels and Door Panels for superior insulation. PanaSpacer ensures energy efficiency in windows with advanced Insulating Glass Systems. Customize PVC sheets with precision through PanaPlan. Elevate interiors with the elegance of PanaStone PVC Wall Panels. Committed to quality and sustainability, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Choose Soytas Group for innovative, durable, and eco-friendly construction solutions.
Steel and PVC profiles by Asteknik


Asteknik Mühendislik's diverse product range, including Expansion Joint Profiles, Finishing Profiles, Wall Protection Systems, and Entrance Matting Systems, serves as a testament to the company's innovation and quality standards. Their patented Expansion Joint Profiles, Tile Trims, and Anodized Parquet Edge Profiles showcase their commitment to aesthetics, functionality, and innovation, reinforcing their position as a leading supplier of mechanical installation and automatic control equipment. With a global reach spanning over 60 countries, Asteknik Mühendislik remains a reliable and forward-thinking partner for construction and infrastructure projects.
Reinforced Concrete Products by Fiberton


Fiberton specializes in high-quality precast concrete products, including UHPC, GFRC, and GPIO, renowned for their strength and durability. These advanced products are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as industrial buildings, bridges, and highways. In addition to specialized products like structural movements, bricks, and blocks, Fiberton's precast concrete offerings can be customized to meet project-specific requirements, offering efficiency and reliability in construction projects.