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Windows: Discusses the selection, installation, and features of windows in construction

High Performance Italian Entrance Doors


Oikos leads in customizable entrances for construction, blending innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. From standard doors to unique custom designs, Oikos entrances reflect your style and make a statement. Crafted by skilled artisans with top-quality materials, each entrance is durable and reliable. Oikos prioritizes eco-friendly practices, ensuring energy-efficient entrances without compromising quality. Explore our extensive collection, from classic to contemporary styles, tailored for residential, commercial, or special projects. With personalized service and international recognition, Oikos elevates your construction projects, offering entrances that leave a lasting impression. Contact us to discuss your requirements and experience the Oikos difference.
HAHN Lamellenfenster developes, produces and supplies Louvre Windows for building projects worldwide.

Hahn Lamellen

HAHN Lamellenfenster boasts a rich history of pioneering natural ventilation solutions since the 1950s. Their louvre windows reflect elegance, functionality, and innovative design, setting new standards in architectural integration and efficient airflow management.
ALUTECTA for aluminum in form, color + function. Eloxal, powder coating, sheet metal and profile bearing


ALUTECTA: Elevating Aluminum to Art For over 50 years, ALUTECTA has redefined aluminum craftsmanship. Anodizing, powder coating, and innovative GRANODAL® bring form, color, and function together. Our aluminum sheets, profiles, and window sills transform projects into art. Whether illuminating Israel's "light fence" or enhancing the Basler Kantonalbank, we turn visions into reality. ALUTECTA is not just a supplier; we're your partner in aluminum excellence. Welcome to a world where aluminum is an art form, and possibilities are limitless. Explore ALUTECTA – where aluminum meets innovation, creativity, and exceptional design.
Minimalist Windows by Vitrocsa


Vitrocsa is at the forefront of architectural innovation, redefining what's possible with their revolutionary window solutions. From sliding windows offering adaptability and simplicity, to pivoting windows meeting aesthetic and functional needs, and guillotine windows flooding interiors with light, Vitrocsa's range is exceptional. Additionally, the turnable corner windows optimize space and expand views, using a unique roller principle to maximize glazed components. Vitrocsa's unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, crafted with Swiss precision, ensures a "zero defect" product that is built to last a lifetime. With over two decades of pioneering design, Vitrocsa truly offers more than just windows; they provide tools for transforming living or working spaces into something extraordinary. When you choose Vitrocsa, you're choosing to embrace a new era of architectural excellence.
Glass Aluminum Metal fabrication


Glassinum: Shaping Aluminum's Sustainable Future Glassinum pioneers the aluminum industry toward sustainability. Beyond business success, our vision encompasses environmental conservation, prioritizing our planet's well-being. Since 1997, we've specialized in metal, glazing, and outdoor solutions, reaching global prominence. With cutting-edge technologies, we offer retractable pergolas, motorized glass roofs, and innovative louvers. Our commitment extends to exceeding customer expectations, ensuring local excellence and a global presence. At Glassinum, we're not just shaping aluminum; we're crafting a sustainable legacy.
Yuklu Cam Glass

Yuklu Cam

Unlocking the Potential of Glass: Yüklü Cam's Journey of Excellence Yüklü Cam is dedicated to harnessing the limitless possibilities of glass, offering a comprehensive range of glass processing services with cutting-edge technology and a relentless commitment to quality. From mastering the art of glass processing to providing standout offerings such as Double Glass and Isıcam, the company prioritizes versatility and excellence. With two leading tempering furnaces, adherence to industry standards, and a focus on aesthetic touches, Yüklü Cam's journey began in 2004 as a pioneer in glass processing and has since expanded its capacity and facilities. Today, with a team of 150 professionals, the company is committed to customer satisfaction and shaping the future of glass with innovation and excellence.
Sauc Aluminum doors and windows


n the world of architecture and interior design, SAUC Systems excels in creating exceptional aluminium doors and windows that not only enhance the aesthetics of any property but also elevate functionality and energy efficiency. With a legacy dating back to 1973, SAUC is renowned for providing high-quality aluminium building solutions. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have led to a strong reputation. The product range includes bi-fold doors, railings, insect screens, and partition wall systems, offering innovative solutions for any space. SAUC's emphasis on creativity, durability, technology, safety, and strength ensures that their products seamlessly integrate with any architectural vision, are long-lasting, incorporate the latest technological advancements, and prioritize safety. They stand behind their products with comprehensive warranties and an ISO quality label, providing peace of mind to customers. If you're looking to elevate your living or working spaces with excellence and innovation, SAUC Systems is the ideal partner to discover a range of superior aluminium doors and windows.