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Building Science: Covers the study of the physical behavior of buildings and their impacts

Slab Construction Technology by Cobiax


Cobiax, where innovation and sustainability redefine building possibilities. Since 2004, we have revolutionized modern slab technology, offering architects and builders the tools to create extraordinary spaces with reduced environmental impact. Our breakthrough X-Zone technology provides maximum load-bearing ability with minimal weight, eliminating the need for additional reinforcement. With eco-friendly innovations that reduce concrete consumption and offer greater design freedom, Cobiax paves the way for a sustainable future. Embrace wider scopes of innovation and a better tomorrow with Cobiax.
Ecotech commercial modular building

Ecotech Commercial Ltd

ECOTECH COMMERCIAL (NZ) LTD, where we transform construction with hi-tech modular excellence. With over 30 years of experience in high-volume affordable residential developments, we've reimagined construction by infusing it with mass production technologies. Our game-changing "Stacking" technology allows our MULTI-POD modules to stack up to 7 levels, accommodating limitless configurations for low-rise to high-rise developments. With off-site fabrication, we cut project timelines dramatically, resulting in significant cost savings and faster returns on investment. Join us on this extraordinary journey to redefine the possibilities of building with speed, affordability, and unrivaled quality. Welcome to ECOTECH.
Qorox concrete printing


QOROX: Shaping the Future of Construction in New Zealand. Revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge 3D printed concrete technology, we deliver faster, more efficient, and sustainable building solutions. Our BRANZ appraised systems redefine building standards, offering fire, seismic, and flood-resistant structures that outperform traditional methods. Experience the QOROX difference – a leap into the future of construction excellence, where innovation meets durability and environmental responsibility. Join us in transforming New Zealand's skyline with pioneering Construction 4.0 advancements