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Lighting Supply: Discusses suppliers and options for lighting fixtures and systems

Porcelain Duroplast and Bakelite Switches and Lights by THPG


THPG, an esteemed authority in lighting and switch systems, epitomizes traditional artistry, modern innovation, and enduring quality. Their collaboration with Manufactum Group has fostered the production and distribution of top-tier solutions across Europe. Championing traditional materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, Bakelite, and select metals, THPG crafts timeless elegance and resilience ideal for heritage and contemporary settings. Their meticulous approach epitomizes unwavering craftsmanship, resulting in enduring masterpieces. With a commitment to durability and repairability, THPG's products promise longevity and unwavering support for the future.
New Zealand luminaire designer and importe Halcyon


Halcyon Lighting offers a comprehensive range of lighting products, including exterior inground lights, track connectors, special series LED tapes, primary and backup lights, accessories, and spare parts. With a focus on performance and reliability, their diverse offerings cater to various indoor and outdoor lighting applications, providing quality solutions for customers' lighting needs.
Premium LED lighting designers and manufacturers based in Italy Flexalighting


Flexalighting presents a revolutionary range of LED devices known for exceptional optical performance and compact size. The meticulous attention to mechanical design and optical performance guarantees outstanding product quality, ensuring top-tier optical performance in devices with remarkably small dimensions. In addition to indoor lighting solutions, Flexalighting offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor fixtures suitable for various spaces, designed to enhance aesthetics and showcase architecture and landscapes in the best light possible.
Lighting by Ecolux

Ecolux Lighting

Ecolux Lighting, where brilliance, innovation, and timeless design converge to illuminate your spaces and captivate your senses. With a prestigious legacy and unparalleled expertise in glass components, ECOLUX is a beacon of experience and global resilience, leading the way in the lighting industry. Our cutting-edge techniques and premium materials create unparalleled light and color solutions that stand the test of time. Join us on a luminous journey towards a brighter future, where innovation meets environment and aesthetics, transforming spaces into timeless masterpieces. Discover the art of lighting with ECOLUX and let your world shine with brilliance.
Switches and Lights by Fede

Fede Switch and Light

FEDE, the home of bespoke lighting solutions that elevate your world. As the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor, we specialize in crafting exclusive brass masterpieces, adding sophistication and elegance to your spaces. Our meticulously manufactured creations include bespoke light switches, sockets, lighting, and high-end brass accessories. Blending artisan excellence with innovative technology, we offer switch plates made from the finest quality brass and premium materials like wood, porcelain, and DuPont™ Corian®. With a global presence, FEDE leads the luxury and trendy design world, catering to the most demanding customers who value quality and distinctive interior design. Experience the ART of Illumination with FEDE.
Pluggable instalation techhnology by Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric

Discover a world of electrical innovation with WIELAND ELECTRIC – the visionary originators of the iconic Wieland Clamp. Since 1925, we've set industry standards for safety and now offer a diverse range of cutting-edge electrical and electronic solutions. With a steadfast focus on service, our experts provide comprehensive support and tailored solutions for any challenge. From iconic locations to modern smart buildings, our technology empowers efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Join us in shaping the future of electrical solutions for a brighter, smarter world.