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Walls: Relates to the various aspects of constructing and designing interior and exterior walls

Wood insulating construction block by Gablok


Gablok is a revolutionary company building dreams with insulated wooden blocks. Founded in 2019, Gablok offers a patented construction method that simplifies self-building with eco-friendly materials. Combining graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS) and stable OSB wood, their insulated blocks provide exceptional thermal insulation and a low carbon footprint. With easy interlocking systems, building your own home becomes accessible to all, preserving the planet one block at a time. Embrace innovation, sustainability, and simplicity with Gablok and build your dream home today.
Cross Laminated Timber by KLH Massivholz

KLH Massivholz GmbH

KLH®: Pioneering Sustainable Timber Construction since 1997 Welcome to KLH®, the trailblazers of Cross-Laminated Timber (Kreuzlagenholz – KLH®, CLT, X-LAM), redefining the world of timber construction. Our large-format KLH® solid timber boards are the go-to choice for wall, ceiling, and roof elements in structural timber construction. As a fully owned subsidiary of the Johann Offner Unternehmensgruppe, with a legacy spanning over 250 years, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Join us in shaping a greener and more sustainable future with KLH® as your trusted project partner.
Passive house constructions elements by Isorast


Isorast GmbH is dedicated to energy-conscious construction solutions, specializing in walls, ceilings, stairs, and roofs for residential buildings. Their focus on sustainable and eco-friendly construction includes a comprehensive lineup of building materials tailored for passive house construction. Isorast's commitment to quality, environmental consciousness, and cutting-edge technology positions them as pioneers in the industry.
façade claddings, suspended ceilings, canopies, and many more from aluminum, stainless steel, corten steel, or any metal by Kasso


"KASSO Engineering: Your Trusted Partner in Metalworking Excellence" Established in 1975, KASSO Engineering is a leading engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in metalworking. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our collaboration with TEKŞAN in 1986 propelled us into expanded mesh metal sheet production, marking the beginning of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Operating from a state-of-the-art facility in Istanbul, we offer a comprehensive range of metalworking solutions, including architectural metal cladding, interior applications, and safety and security products. With over four decades of experience and a dedication to cutting-edge technology, KASSO Engineering stands as a symbol of excellence and innovation, redefining the possibilities of design and function in the metalworking industry. Welcome to a world where excellence is guaranteed.


Unlocking Architectural Brilliance: IALONET's Masterful Glass Systems In the world of architectural design, Greece-based IALONET is known for innovation, quality, and precision in crafting Architectural Glass Systems. Specializing in indoor and outdoor spaces, IALONET offers Movable Wall Systems, Guillotine Windows, Glass Railings, Partition Systems, and Sliding-Opening Doors. Seamlessly blending functionality, aesthetics, and innovation, these systems redefine spatial flexibility, provide seamless transitions, merge safety with aesthetics, redesign spaces seamlessly, and invite the outdoors in. The company's customer-centric approach prioritizes individual needs, resulting in tailored solutions crafted with unwavering commitment to quality, technology, seamless integration, and aesthetic excellence. At IALONET, sustainability is a core principle, focusing on environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. Welcome to a world where glass transcends its conventional role, becoming a symbol of transformation and limitless possibilities.
Inulsatino by Fibran


FIBRAN is renowned for its high-quality insulation products, including stonewool, extruded polystyrene, and expanded polystyrene, providing thermal and sound insulation, and fire protection. In addition to insulation products, the company also produces gypsum-based products for dry construction, catering to a broad range of construction and insulation applications. FIBRAN's commitment to research and development aims to provide innovative and certified insulation and construction systems while collaborating with academic institutions to elevate industry standards. With factories across six European countries, FIBRAN continues to meet the evolving needs of construction professionals and consumers alike.
Anodized Aluminum Products by Aloxide


ALOXIDE: Setting the Anodizing Standard With a legacy spanning five decades, COIL stands as the global leader in anodizing aluminum flat rolled products. Our Belgian and German facilities boast unmatched capacity, producing anodized aluminum up to 2000mm wide and 5mm thick. COIL's commitment to excellence is evident through competitive pricing, versatile applications, fire resistance, and eco-friendly practices. Our anodized aluminum, with a genuine metallic finish, is graffiti-proof and ensures lasting durability. Join us at COIL, where innovation meets sustainability, and ALOXIDE transforms aluminum into architectural brilliance.
Wood Houses CLT Roofing Ceilings Walls by Ligna

Ligna Construct Srl

"Welcome to LignaConstruct, your premier provider of innovative and sustainable construction solutions. Our commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and eco-conscious practices ensures durable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly structures. Specializing in timber construction, we offer precision-engineered timber frames, glulam beams, and cross-laminated timber panels. From residential to commercial projects, our expertise and sustainable practices deliver exceptional results. Committed to responsible forest management, we source timber from sustainably managed forests. Our experienced team ensures the highest level of quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, guiding you through every step of the construction process. Trust LignaConstruct for superior timber construction excellence that transforms your projects with the beauty and sustainability of wood."