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Aluminum: Covers the use of aluminum in construction, from framing to finishes

Aluminum facades cladding doors and windows by Asas


ASAŞ: Pioneering Excellence in Turkey's Industrial Landscape Established in 1990, ASAŞ is a global industrial powerhouse, exporting to 90+ countries. With cutting-edge technology and five advanced facilities, we're a key player in Europe. Ranked 54th in Turkey's ISO 500, ASAŞ excels in aluminum extrusion, architectural systems (RESCARA), composite panels (NATURALBOND), flat products, PVC systems (ASAŞPEN), shutters (NATUROLL), and design products (ALUDES). Our R&D Center drives innovation, ensuring we lead in precision engineering and international quality standards. ASAŞ, where passion meets perfection, crafting a brighter future through technology and innovation.
Railings Door Hardware Solar PV mount by Gursan


GÜRSAN Aluminium: Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years In the heart of Istanbul, GÜRSAN Aluminium emerged in 1979, evolving into a family-owned legacy of innovation. From electricity pipes to a diverse range of premium aluminum products, our journey epitomizes adaptability and resilience. Specializing in door handles, balustrades, furniture, and solar mounting systems, GÜRSAN thrives on quality and customer satisfaction. With a 7,500 m² cutting-edge facility, a skilled team, and a 40-year expertise, we're the premier choice for high-quality aluminum solutions, transcending borders with a commitment to excellence. Join us in embracing the legacy that defines GÜRSAN Aluminium.
Aluminum Joinery for Facades Doors windows


Çuhadaroğlu Group: Revolutionizing Aluminum Systems for 65 Years Innovative Aluminum Solutions Çuhadaroğlu Metal San., part of Çuhadaroğlu Group, pioneers aluminum excellence for over six decades. Our brands—interal, interax, interwall, intersecure, and interdigi—introduce cutting-edge products. Explore interal's innovative door and window systems, interax's automatic door solutions, interwall's modern office partitions, and intersecure's security solutions. With unwavering quality and a communication-oriented approach, Çuhadaroğlu Group sets new benchmarks in aluminum systems, offering superior options for diverse architectural needs.
Aluminum Doors and Windows by Elvial


ELVIAL S.A.: Shaping Excellence in Greek Aluminum Extrusion Elevate your projects with ELVIAL, Greece's premier aluminum extrusion expert. Located in Kilkis, ELVIAL produces top-notch integrated aluminum systems, setting industry standards. Their vertically integrated plant ensures international quality. Automated warehouses optimize stock, enhancing precision and speed. ELVIAL crafts personalized solutions for diverse industries, offering innovative, high-quality products. Specializing in windows, their cutting-edge technology, like I2 and Pre-Anodizing 2in1, ensures perfection. Choose ELVIAL for security, design, and sustainability—transforming visions into reality with expert precision and innovation.
innovative locking systems for the aluminium windows and doors industry. Sobinco


Sobinco, established in 1961, is a leading provider of top-of-the-range window fittings and high-quality components for aluminum windows, doors, and sliding doors. With a focus on non-corrosive materials, their products ensure exceptional adjustment, efficient processing, and long-lasting corrosion resistance. Sobinco's commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in its comprehensive range of finishes, making it a go-to choice in the industry.
Development and production of high-quality design facades made of aluminum Ebener


Ebener specializes in all-aluminum facade cladding, offering custom designs, exclusive surface treatments, and complete service from design to assembly. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in their use of high-quality materials and rigorous quality management processes. With a focus on craftsmanship and precision, Ebener ensures enduring architectural magnificence.
Glass & Aluminium Systems for Architecture


Grupo Sosoares. Operating since 1979 designing, producing and commercialising worldwide high quality integrated window and glass frame systems for architecture and construction with EC certification. These integrated systems support the answer to all technical and aesthetic demands posed by modern architectural projects. The development of the project from the architectural drawing stage to the actual construction sustains the correct implementation of the intended answer and constant product innovation.
Aluminum sandwich panels for construction by Metawell


Metawell GmbH offers innovative lightweight aluminum panels known for their exceptional rigidity and lightness, making them ideal for various applications. The panels provide high corrosion protection, excellent thermal conductivity, and 100% recyclability without material separation. The Aluflex variant allows for simple two-dimensional shaping, offering endless design possibilities for architectural and industrial uses.
Anodized Aluminum Products by Aloxide


ALOXIDE: Setting the Anodizing Standard With a legacy spanning five decades, COIL stands as the global leader in anodizing aluminum flat rolled products. Our Belgian and German facilities boast unmatched capacity, producing anodized aluminum up to 2000mm wide and 5mm thick. COIL's commitment to excellence is evident through competitive pricing, versatile applications, fire resistance, and eco-friendly practices. Our anodized aluminum, with a genuine metallic finish, is graffiti-proof and ensures lasting durability. Join us at COIL, where innovation meets sustainability, and ALOXIDE transforms aluminum into architectural brilliance.
delwo metall GmbH is an experienced supplier in aluminium and stainless steel building products. This includes semi-finished and extruded products, as well as aluminium windows sills systems (WDVS) and finished products based on individual manufactured and bended sheets solutions, inclusive powder coating.


delwo Metal: Your One-Stop Metal Solution Welcome to delwo Metal, your trusted partner for all things metal. From comprehensive metal trade services to precision metal processing, cutting-edge window sill systems, and top-tier surface finishing, we cater to diverse needs under one roof. Our vast inventory, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass, ensures immediate access to high-quality materials. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and QUALICOAT certification, our surface finishing and powder coating services deliver durable, decorative results. Explore our Metal Market for self-collectors, featuring a broad product range and expert advice. At delwo Metal, we redefine excellence in the world of metal solutions.