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Thermal Insulation by Insulbar


Insulbar, where eco-innovation meets energy efficiency. As pioneers in thermal insulating profiles for windows, doors, and facades, we lead the charge towards sustainability. With insulbar RE-LI, our revolutionary product line, we combine recycled polyamide with foamed material for unparalleled eco-consciousness. Join us on our global mission to shape a greener future, one thermal break at a time. Embrace sustainability, choose Insulbar, and be part of the green profile pioneer revolutionizing the construction industry. Together, we create a sustainable tomorrow.
wood fiber insulation boards (flexible and pressure-resistant), as well as of all statically loaded wood products (such as glulam, glulam ceilings, wooden box elements, DUO/TRIO beams and KVH® solid structural timber) for the modern construction of timber houses and passive houses Best Wood Schneider

Best Wood Schneider

Best Wood SCHNEIDER, the pioneer in wood fiber insulation boards and timber products. Our commitment to quality and ecological practices is embodied in our production site nestled in picturesque south Germany. As a medium-sized family business, we take pride in crafting superior timber solutions, from glulam and KVH® solid structural timber to cross laminated timber (CLT). Experience the best in timber construction, where passion for wood and sustainable building come together for a greener future.
Wood fiber insulation by Gutex

Gutex Wood Fiber Insulation

GUTEX, the leader in sustainable wood fiber insulation. Our ecological wood fiber insulating materials bring comfort, health, and energy efficiency to buildings, all while preserving the Earth's habitat. With a legacy of innovation and unmatched service, we are pioneers in Europe's wood fiber insulation industry. Embrace our eco-conscious solutions for roofs, facades, and interiors, and join the sustainable revolution. Let's build a greener, healthier future together with GUTEX.