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Thermal-Insulation: Discusses materials and methods used to reduce heat transfer in a building, improving energy efficiency

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Building Quality Homes at Affordable Prices

Explore the Potential of Affordable Excellence: Witness a Quality Home Built at Reasonable Costs in Tyler, Texas. Learn from Matt's Video How Clever Planning and Strategic Design Can Create Remarkable Residences Without Breaking the Bank. Discover the Art of Maximized Value, Performance, and Structural Integrity in Affordable Home Construction.
industrially manufactured roller shutter boxes by Prix


PRIX roller shutter boxes offer versatile and high-quality solutions perfectly tailored to diverse construction needs. These boxes provide excellent heat and sound insulation, long-term protection, and ample rolling space, ensuring structural integrity and ease of maintenance. PRIX's over 70 years of excellence emphasize their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and flexible solutions for construction projects. With PRIX roller shutter boxes, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your building, with options specially designed for timber constructions and various architectural requirements. Choose PRIX for excellence, versatility, and innovation in roller shutter and venetian blind box manufacturing.
Sun protection systems Brichta


Brichta GmbH: Textile Sun Protection Experts Enhance privacy, control lighting, and regulate temperatures with Brichta's innovative solutions. With over 70 years of expertise, we offer tailored and standard elements, including screen walls, curtain systems, and laser protection. As your one-stop provider, our German-crafted products ensure precision and quality. From indoor systems to blackout solutions, we prioritize sustainability, customer satisfaction, and energy efficiency. Trust Brichta for high-quality textile sun protection and innovative solutions.
Insulation by Compacfoam


COMPACFOAM: Redefining Construction with Innovation Versatile, Lightweight, Insulating COMPACFOAM revolutionizes construction and industry with its versatile, lightweight material offering strength and exceptional thermal insulation. Ideal for diverse applications, it excels in pre-wall installations, window sills, substructures, frame extensions, door panels, awnings, shutters, facade systems, steel construction, panel reinforcement, and automotive. COMPACFOAM, known for low weight, high resilience, and top-notch insulation, is easy to process, open to diffusion, biocide-free, and recyclable. Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities where innovation meets excellence in construction and industry.
Insulation solutions by Edilteeco


Edilteco is a leader in cutting-edge building solutions designed to elevate construction standards. Their thermal insulation solutions, featuring the Stiferite Class SK boards, optimize energy efficiency with exceptional thermal performance. The FONOTECH ECO P sound insulating mattress enhances acoustic comfort, while specialized materials like POLITERM WALL FIX demonstrate their commitment to versatility. Through innovation and collaboration, Edilteco is driving sustainability and excellence in the global construction industry.
Cellular glass insulation by Foamglas


FOAMGLAS® excels in high-performance cellular glass insulation solutions, particularly with its flagship product, FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation. This product offers superior thermal insulation, moisture resistance, fire protection, corrosion resistance, and exceptional compressive strength. With its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation is a reliable and long-lasting insulation choice, proven in iconic projects like the Federation Square in Melbourne.
Insulation Solution by Rockwool


Rockwool, a leading insulation company, offers a diverse range of high-quality products. From AFB acoustic fire batt insulation to Process Manual for the process industry, and Rockassist calculation program for insulation requirements. Additionally, their ProRox pipe sections cater to various industries, ensuring durable and rational solutions.
Wall Ceiling Roof Insulation by Austrotherm


Austrotherm leads with cutting-edge thermal insulation products designed for sustainable construction, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Their diverse product range includes XPS and EPS insulation boards, ensuring exceptional thermal performance and long-term value. Innovation and sustainability drive their manufacturing processes, supporting energy conservation and reduced carbon footprint. Austrotherm's unwavering commitment to quality assurance, compliance, and responsive distribution network solidifies its position as a preferred choice for top-tier insulation solutions.
flat roof windows, sloping roof windows and veranda systems by Skylux


"Experience the Magic of Daylight with Skylux Flat Roof Windows" Welcome the sun's warmth into your home with Skylux's flat roof windows. Designed for maximum daylight and superior insulation, these windows feature double or triple glazing for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The iWindow flat roof window embodies modern elegance with a compact PVC frame and sophisticated design. Skylux offers an extensive selection of over 180 standard dimensions and 10,000 combinations to help you find your perfect skylight. Their range includes plastic domes in various materials and designs, catering to diverse preferences. For enhanced insulation, consider multi-shell light domes for your living space. Skylux also introduces an innovative roof window with built-in insect protection for a hassle-free, dirt-free installation, promising harmony between innovation, comfort, and functionality. Illuminate your home with the magic of daylight and modern elegance through Skylux flat roof windows.