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Mass Timber: Refers to a category of framing styles typically characterized by the use of large solid wood panels

Cross Laminated Timber, Glue Laminated Timber and Laminated Veneer Lumber by Stora Enso

Stora Enso

Elevate your construction game with Stora Enso, the vanguard of sustainable urban innovation. Their pioneering mass timber solutions redefine architecture, enabling robust, lightweight structures with unparalleled design flexibility. Benefit from quicker, safer construction, improved insulation, and lower carbon footprint. Embrace Stora Enso's range, including CLT, LVL, and GLT, and introduce "Sylva" for low-carbon buildings. Together, let's build a future where innovation and sustainability soar to new heights.
Cross Laminated Timber by KLH Massivholz

KLH Massivholz GmbH

KLH®: Pioneering Sustainable Timber Construction since 1997 Welcome to KLH®, the trailblazers of Cross-Laminated Timber (Kreuzlagenholz – KLH®, CLT, X-LAM), redefining the world of timber construction. Our large-format KLH® solid timber boards are the go-to choice for wall, ceiling, and roof elements in structural timber construction. As a fully owned subsidiary of the Johann Offner Unternehmensgruppe, with a legacy spanning over 250 years, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Join us in shaping a greener and more sustainable future with KLH® as your trusted project partner.
Quality Timber products by Elka


Elka Holzwerke is your go-to destination for high-quality, sustainable wood products, including premium hardwood flooring, durable decking, and versatile cladding. They prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction, offering products sourced from responsibly managed forests and comprehensive support for installation. Elevate your living or working spaces with Elka Holzwerke's elegant and durable wood products.
Timber Engineering by Rubner


Rubner - Transforming Construction with Wood's Power. Embrace a sustainable future with Rubner, harnessing the versatility of wood. From healthy living spaces to exceptional architecture, we're pioneers in eco-conscious building practices. With over 55 years of expertise, Rubner crafts tailor-made houses, superior doors, and windows while setting the standard for timber engineering and innovative designs. Join us in creating spaces that blend nature, technology, and visionary architecture for a better world.
Wood ceiling and floor elements by Lignatur

Lignatur AG

Lignatur AG welcomes you to the forefront of wooden innovation in Switzerland. Discover cutting-edge wooden floor and roof elements crafted with precision and expertise. Led by visionary minds, our dedicated team of timber construction engineers provides unwavering support for your projects from start to finish. Embrace the revolutionary LIGNATUR surface elements that redefine possibilities, offering aesthetics, robustness, sound insulation, and fire protection in one seamless design. Let us tailor bespoke solutions to your unique needs, and together, we'll build exceptional spaces that inspire for generations to come. Experience ONE IDEA, ONE SYSTEM, ONE TEAM with Lignatur AG.
Modular timber building construction MDL Module

MDL Module

MDL Module, pioneers in sustainable modular timber construction. Our diverse team of professionals shares a vision of shaping a greener future through innovative wooden modules. With expertise in high-class trade fair constructions worldwide, we have honed our skills in woodwork and modular thinking. Our commitment to pushing boundaries led us to embrace modular timber construction for large-scale projects, where wood takes center stage as a crucial building material. With up to 95% prefabrication in our Bischofsheim factory, we offer flexible and sustainable solutions, envisioning a future where buildings are modular, easy to maintain, and efficiently dismantled. Join us as we create an ecologically and economically valuable future for the construction industry.
Engineered Timber products glue laminated cross laminated timber lumber by Mosser


Mosser: A Legacy of Excellence in Wood Products With nearly a century of experience, Mosser stands as a family-owned European leader in glued and sawn timber production. Our versatile wood products blend strength with elegance, offering endless possibilities for sustainable and innovative constructions. From cross-laminated timber to glued laminated timber, our high-tech marvels boast exceptional strength and precision. Embrace nature's best with Mosser, where craftsmanship meets the brilliance of wood, creating extraordinary living spaces that exude comfort and beauty. Join us in shaping a greener and brighter future with our legacy of excellence in wood products.