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industrially manufactured roller shutter boxes by Prix


PRIX roller shutter boxes offer versatile and high-quality solutions perfectly tailored to diverse construction needs. These boxes provide excellent heat and sound insulation, long-term protection, and ample rolling space, ensuring structural integrity and ease of maintenance. PRIX's over 70 years of excellence emphasize their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and flexible solutions for construction projects. With PRIX roller shutter boxes, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your building, with options specially designed for timber constructions and various architectural requirements. Choose PRIX for excellence, versatility, and innovation in roller shutter and venetian blind box manufacturing.
Sun protection systems Brichta


Brichta GmbH: Textile Sun Protection Experts Enhance privacy, control lighting, and regulate temperatures with Brichta's innovative solutions. With over 70 years of expertise, we offer tailored and standard elements, including screen walls, curtain systems, and laser protection. As your one-stop provider, our German-crafted products ensure precision and quality. From indoor systems to blackout solutions, we prioritize sustainability, customer satisfaction, and energy efficiency. Trust Brichta for high-quality textile sun protection and innovative solutions.
HVAC Fire protection Sun protection by Colt


Colt International: Transforming Spaces with Excellence For over 90 years, Colt International has led innovation in ventilation, heating, air conditioning, fire protection, sun protection, and daylight technology. Our legacy of excellence, global presence in 80+ countries, and local focus with 1,000 dedicated employees ensure tailor-made solutions for diverse sectors. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, we envision safer, healthier, and efficient living spaces. From fire protection to air conditioning and sun protection systems, Colt International is your partner in creating spaces that are safer, more comfortable, and environmentally responsible.
Sun Control and Ventilation systems by Duco


DUCO Ventilation & Sun Control: Elevating Indoor Environments Step into a world of optimal comfort with DUCO, your trusted partner in ventilation and sun protection systems. Since 1991, we've been a European leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions for natural ventilation and solar shading. Prioritizing health, comfort, and energy efficiency, our Belgian-made systems guarantee exceptional indoor experiences. From residential to non-residential, our tailored solutions have earned international acclaim. With in-house R&D, streamlined production, and global excellence, DUCO is where health and comfort meet innovation and excellence. Join us in creating spaces where everyone thrives—DUCO, the Home of Oxygen.
Roller Shutters Exterior Venetian Blinds Garage Doors by Roma


In the heart of Bavarian-Swabia in the town of Burgau, ROMA harnesses abundant sunshine to perfect high-quality sun protection systems. With over four decades of experience, ROMA stands as the leading brand for sun-screening systems, setting the industry benchmark for functionality, aesthetics, and durability. ROMA roller shutters redefine protection, comfort, and coziness, offering dynamic design elements and remarkable energy-saving potential. External Venetian Blinds expertly manage daylight and shade, while ROMA garage doors redefines space and security with automatic, premium-grade aluminum designs. Unlock a world of sunlight management, privacy, and security with ROMA's premium solutions
Sun protection systems by MHZ


MHZ, your premier destination for privacy and sun protection solutions As one of the largest German manufacturers in this industry, MHZ has a rich history of crafting bespoke products designed to meet your highest demands, whether for indoor or outdoor spaces. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior design has made us a name synonymous with excellence. Each MHZ product is a masterpiece, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere in your home or workplace. Tailored to Perfection: Internal Privacy and Sun Protection At MHZ, every product is a result of precision and individual craftsmanship, reflecting our dedication to excellence. For over nine decades, we have been manufacturing privacy and sun protection solutions, made to measure, ensuring that each item is an original created just for you. Our product portfolio boasts a wide range of options that regulate light, manage heat, provide air conditioning, and enhance the ambiance, ensuring a comfortable living environment. You use MHZ products to create light, space, and life. Our internal solutions include: Pleated Blinds: A versatile choice that can complement a wide range of interior designs, pleated blinds offer excellent privacy and light control. Double Blinds: Offering a unique combination of fabrics, double blinds are designed for adjustable light and privacy control. Louvre Blinds: A classic choice with adjustable slats that let you control light and ventilation. Panel Curtains: Ideal for large windows or room dividers, panel curtains are elegant and functional. Honeycomb Pleats: These blinds provide excellent insulation, reducing heat loss and enhancing energy efficiency. Roman Blinds: A timeless choice that adds a touch of sophistication to your interior decor. Wooden Blinds: A classic choice with a natural and warm feel. Adhesive Textile Squid: An innovative solution that combines aesthetics with functionality. Rolls and Curtains: Versatile options for covering windows and doors. Venetian Blinds: Traditional blinds with adjustable horizontal slats for precise light control. Curtain Rods and Rails: Essential components for hanging curtains and drapes. Elevate Your Space: External Privacy and Sun Protection Our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond interior solutions. MHZ also offers a comprehensive range of external privacy and sun protection solutions, along with insect protection. Each product is custom-manufactured to your specifications, ensuring that it meets the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. These products are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Our external solutions include: Insect Repellent: Protect your outdoor spaces from unwanted insects, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors without any disturbances. Side Awnings: Create shaded and private areas for relaxation and entertainment. Vertical Awnings: Ideal for maintaining privacy and blocking out the sun's glare. External Blinds: Control light and heat to create a comfortable outdoor environment. Privacy Compartments: Enhance the privacy of your outdoor space with customizable solutions. Metal Hangings: Durable and stylish, metal hangings offer both privacy and aesthetic appeal. Awnings and Winter Garden Shading: Extend your outdoor living space with retractable awnings. A Legacy of Innovation and Progress MHZ's journey started in 1930 when master interior decorator Wilhelm Hachtel and master carpenter Adolf Stäbler founded the company with a vision for innovation and success. Despite an initial setback with their "MECHANICAL HACHTEL PULL" product, the MHZ brand was born. This innovation allowed curtains to be opened and closed with ease, and although some aspects were ahead of their time, it laid the foundation for future success. In 1958, MHZ further expanded, establishing a modern manufacturing plant for plastics processing, injection molding, and woodworking. The company expanded its presence beyond Germany, founding companies in France, Austria, BeNeLux, and Switzerland. With market demands increasing, MHZ began an impressive phase of product diversification. Today, MHZ is recognized for its high-tech products in decorative sun protection, privacy shading systems, and innovative solutions for private, commercial, and industrial use. We've won numerous design and innovation awards and registered hundreds of patents. Our product range has evolved to include textiles and metals, in addition to wood and plastic. MHZ Today: Excellence Tailored to You Today, MHZ stands as an internationally successful company with a diverse range of products that encompass the decoration sector, internal sun protection, external shading, and insect protection. Our product range includes curtain rails, curtain rods, roller blinds, Roman blinds, blinds, panel and slatted curtains. All our products are made to measure according to your specific requirements in our industrial factories across Germany and Europe. At MHZ, we are dedicated to bringing comfort, style, and functionality to your living and working spaces. Our decades of experience, commitment to quality, and innovative spirit make us your trusted partner for all your privacy and sun protection needs. We look forward to helping you elevate your space with our exquisite range of products.
Sun Protection by Microshade


"MicroShade® is a revolutionary solar shading solution that redefines sustainable buildings. This Danish cleantech innovation offers optimal solar protection while preserving daylight and outside views, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs for building owners. Its passive, micro-structured film provides up to 100% beam shading during summers and approximately 35% solar transmittance in winters, enhancing energy efficiency. MicroShade® seamlessly integrates with modern glazing configurations, fosters better indoor climates, and streamlines installation, setting a new standard for solar shading solutions in construction. This groundbreaking technology propelled by a vision for sustainability promises a greener, more sustainable future for the construction industry."
flat roof windows, sloping roof windows and veranda systems by Skylux


"Experience the Magic of Daylight with Skylux Flat Roof Windows" Welcome the sun's warmth into your home with Skylux's flat roof windows. Designed for maximum daylight and superior insulation, these windows feature double or triple glazing for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The iWindow flat roof window embodies modern elegance with a compact PVC frame and sophisticated design. Skylux offers an extensive selection of over 180 standard dimensions and 10,000 combinations to help you find your perfect skylight. Their range includes plastic domes in various materials and designs, catering to diverse preferences. For enhanced insulation, consider multi-shell light domes for your living space. Skylux also introduces an innovative roof window with built-in insect protection for a hassle-free, dirt-free installation, promising harmony between innovation, comfort, and functionality. Illuminate your home with the magic of daylight and modern elegance through Skylux flat roof windows.
Sun Protection products by Warema


Elevate your comfort with WAREMA's premium sun shading and weather protection solutions. From custom-made venetian blinds providing unmatched comfort and personalized ambiance, to roller shutters offering ultimate convenience and security, WAREMA has you covered. Transform your living spaces with modern window awnings and enjoy summer fully with insect screens and pollen protection. With integrated fall protection, convertible-top slat roof systems, custom sun sails, and patio side screens, WAREMA ensures year-round comfort in any setting. Experience a life of comfort and style with WAREMA.
Aluminum facade doors windows sun protection fall protection by Wicona


The WICONA brand represents a forefront commitment to sustainable aluminum solutions for windows, doors, and facades. Their systems are designed to embody environmental friendliness with a minimum of 75% recycled and 95% recyclable components, reducing the overall environmental impact. Collaborating with global partners, WICONA transforms complex designs into reality with certified quality standards. As a part of Norsk Hydro ASA, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services, prodigious product portfolio, and dedicated support, solidifying its position as an industry leader driving sustainability and innovation.